Passionate about IT and AI

I have been working with Information Technology since 2003.
Previously I was a mechanic, an electronic technician and a barman.

I started working at age 11, always curious about how things work.
Then, I finished the Electronic Course at age 13.

My first job in IT area was teaching MS-Office in a little school.
After that I went to a little computer store close to my house.
Finnaly I started in a big company: HP.

Some facts about me

  • Born in 86, in São Paulo
  • Carolina’s Father
  • Aline’s Husband
  • Curious and restless
  • Hypnologist and Psychotherapist
  • Photographer at free time​
  • Good cooker
  • Not so good musician
  • Happy despite everything

Experiences that have changed me

Everyone went through moments that shaped their personality.
These were just some of my most remarkable moments:

Having started a serious relationship (and lucky enough to be someone who completes me)

I can split my life in 2 eras: bA and aA (before Aline and after Aline). Be in this relationship is my door for freedom. She is my partner, my companion everywhere I go, giving me strength and making me go further.

Becoming Carolina’s father <3

People have told me about the big change that happens when you become father. I thought I understood… silly boy! In the very moment my daughter came to this world, everything changed in a way it cannot be explain. Now I have infinite stamina to get where I need.

Teaching in a college

One of my many passions is to study. I confess I never thought I’d be a teacher, speaking to 70 teenagers about operating systems. But it happened. For a year I worked for Universidade Paulista, teaching Operating Systems to the 1st year bachelor students of Computer Science.

Having a shocking experience with neurolinguistic programming

I am a person devoted to logic and science. When I had my first contact with psychology, it was terrific. It changed the way I used to see the human beings. In 2010 I participated in a class of Leadership and Personal Development using Hypnosis and NLP. Almost 10 years later I am still impressed about the results.

Stop working to learn Artificial Intelligence

People said I was crazy when I quit my job in 2012 and started 2 postgraduates in different colleges (psychobiology at PUC-SP and Software Engineering at UNIP).
My head just blew when I became member of the Artificial Intelligence group at the Hospital da Clínicas in SP, studying how to use artificial intelligence to create better ways to detect breast and cervix cancer.
Then, I did a monography about detecting autism in the childhood.

Going to the end of the world

My first international travel was to Ushuaia, known as Fire Land. It’s literally the end of the world. Ushuaia is the last city before the south pole. I went there with Aline in 2014, during the winter. We had never seen snow. Some moments are very special and you never forget them, and we had many special moments there in Ushuaia. If I - the poor boy from São Paulo’s ghetto - could travel to the end of the world, then there are no limits for our determination.

Learning Lean and Agile

When I started working at Concrete Solutions, it was a small office in São Paulo with less than 15 employees.
They delivered many great software in short time periods and I always wondered how they did that.
The secret sauce was Agile and Lean management. I learned Scrum, Kanban, XP and Lean and that have changed my life forever.
I use that knowledge everywhere.

Going to Las Vegas (and coming back home not married)

The United States are an amazing country, and go there and see what we could have here in Brazil is a tough experience. I came back to Brazil thinking a lot about the contrast, the poverty and the effects of the lack of education and opportunity. I still think we are going to have a better life here in Brazil one day, but we need to work hard to get this becoming true.